The Robot Workforce That Allows Businesses To Be More Human.

"The Great Resignation"

47.4 million people have quit and there's no one to replace them. 


Robots have the potential to fill the need but they are lightyears away for the average business. 

Problem: Most robots are very complicated to use.

  • Extensive programming experience required.
  • Difficult to deploy. All use cases are not the same.
  • No intuitive UI/UX.

Problem: Robots are very expensive.

  • Cost $100k's to buy.
  • Takes a long time to get operational.
  • Expensive staff required to operate them.


GRAISIN Robotics creates robots that can be deployed today for the same cost as their human counterpart. 

GRAISIN Robotics provides a
Robots-as-a-Service subscription model that lowers the barrier to entry and uses
human pilots to lower our time to market.

  • $45k/year for each robot.
  • Virtual Reality powered human pilots to start.

GRAISIN Robotics Concept

Efficiency of robots + experience of humans.

Human Trust

Robots are piloted by humans to start. And there's always a human fall-back.


Robots cost as much as their equivalent human salary.

Fast Deployment

Thanks to human pilots, robots can be deployed into businesses while we program fully autonomous versions.

AI Powered

The latest deep learning models are used to create fully autonomous robots.

Workers Aren't Fired

Human workers have the opportunity to become work-from-home robot pilots.

Easy to use

Intuitive workforce management software for businesses.


Virtual Reality powered teleoperators control robots from anywhere in the world.


Deep learning allows us to create autonomous versions of robots that require very little human intervention.


Uber Model

Our goal is to capture as much of the $45 trillion labor (ILO 2020) market as quickly as possible. By launching semi-autonomous versions of our products we can be embedded into businesses much more quickly than our fully automated competition.

Just like Uber did: Drivers (Today) -> Autonomous Vehicles (Tomorrow).

Introducing the GRAISIN Mk I

The GRAISIN Mk I is a multifunctional warehouse robot that can either be piloted by a human remotely or operated completely autonomously. It’s designed to handle picking and packing, material handling, and other logistics related tasks in virtually any warehouse.

A multifunctional robot that can handle any warehouse.

$45k / Year

Annual subscription fee for each Mk I.


Fully autonomous version coming soon.


Remote control via virtual reality.

10 hours of Operation

10 hours of continuous use before charging.

Powered by GRAISIN OS

Next generation operating system for robots. Hardware agnostic UI/UX + AI.

Effortlessly command your robots.

GRAISIN OS is designed to make controlling any robot as easy as using an iPhone. Ultra intuitive apps allow you to manage your robot fleet, create tasks, and gain insights. All from the convenience of your computer or smart phone. Plus, with GRAISIN OS’s AI voice capabilities, you can command your robots just by talking to them.

Convenient Apps

GRAISIN OS is a suite of applications that are directly integrated into our robots. From task management, to analytics, and more. GRAISIN OS is your gateway to seamless control.

AI Voice

Every robot comes equipped with voice chat capabilities. Allowing you to interface with individual robots directly just by having a conversation with it.

One More Thing...

GRAISIN Forerunner Now Available For $3,500