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I'm currently the Exectutive Director for Mojo TV and digital operations on the Mojo in the Morning. Michigan's number 1 radio program, and morning show. I also am in charge of managing the digital content for all of Channel 955, the station the show is hosted on.

You can listen live Monday-Friday from 6am-10am. Or listen to us on iHeart Radio, through our podcasts, or come back to my site for exclusive content.

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Director of Awesome

Lyin' Gosling (1 Million+ Video)

In June of 2013, 2 months after I first started at Mojo in the Morning. I directed and orchistrated a "street scam" segment where our morning show walked around downtown Detroit with a Ryan Gosling look-alike, just to see how people would react... Needless to say, 1 million+ views later (Youtube video was taken down) and a HUGE amount of press later, people took notice.


Behind the scenes

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