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I’ve been lucky to have been involved with the political process and civil rights from such a young age because of my mom. As the Assistant Director of the Civil Rights Department for the UAW, she’s fought for civil and human rights for almost her entire career. Even as a child I was instilled some of the core values that I carry today, and has influenced not only my outlook on life but my career choices as well. I’ve always looked to make an impact in everything I do.

I’ve worked with groups such as the NAACP and AFL-CIO, as well as volunteered for Get Out the Vote campaigns since I was a kid. And more recently I’ve taken the step towards taking my activism to a professional level when I was hired by the Asian Pacific Labor Alliance to become a political consultant this last campaign. As a consultant I helped to formulate strategies to energize young people to vote in a non-partisan effort to raise participation, reaching over 300 young people, and helping to educate voters on political issues.

I’ve taken my political experience and applied it to other areas of my life, helping to shape Special Education policy here in Michigan, lobbying to increase insurance coverage to those affected by mental health disorders. As well as reaching out to politicians to help further efforts on the health social network project I worked on with Mott.

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