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I founded InSilico in 2010 because I wanted to create better solutions for individuals affected by Autism. I had spent 5 years raising money and spreading awareness for families affected by Autism around Michigan through my non-profit, which was an amazing experience on its own, but I felt I could do more.

In those 5 years I learned alot, but what struck me the most was just how big of a burden special education is, not just financially but overall. The costs to get adequate care for a child with Autism can be up to $100,000 a year, and that’s if the right type of care is easily accessible in your area. That was a hard reality for me to accept.

So I explored the idea of trying to make Autism care more accessible through modern means, while at the same time driving down costs and improving scientific research. I ended up learning as much as I could about entrepreneurship, got some friends together who are now business partners, took a life changing trip to California to pitch my idea to some of the biggest veterans of the industry, toured Facebook and Google, and then decided that this is what I wanted to do in life.

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