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This work has been endorsed by: Dr. Yuji Mishina


While studying at the University of Michigan, I joined a research lab under Dr. Yuji Mishina. Being a pre-med student, I had hoped to gain a better understanding of what actually takes place in the field of scientific research, and what goes into finding cures for diseases. Dr. Mishina’s work stood out to me because it dealt heavily with genetics and neonatal development, areas that I enjoyed studying as well as had relations to cognitive development.

In the 2 years I spent working at his lab, I went from only having a basic understanding of laboratory techniques to full on designing investigative experiments and breeding my own line of genetically engineer mice. I could not have asked for a better more educational experience.

What I take from my experiences working in a research lab are a firm grasp of applied genetics and embryology, as well as a thorough understanding of what it takes to pursue answers in science. Whether or not I return to a laboratory position, I still value the lessons learned and skills gained, as it has already helped me understand how to make meaningful scientific progress with my own company.

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abstract mouse