Work Augmented reality

My first experience with 3D Augmented Technology was when I was still an intern at Mott. At the time, we were getting ready to launch the brand new children’s hospital and we wanted to do something special for the event. Specifically we wanted to tie in NFL player Charles Woodson because he had just made a major gift and the lobby was to be named after him.

So I conceptualized an application that would allow any user to take a picture with him in virtual reality, helping to bring Charles Woodson to the hospital even when he couldn’t be there in person. We worked with Bully! Entertainment and Digicave to build the final product, which they did amazingly in only a few weeks.

After seeing the huge impact that augmented reality had on visitors to the hospital, I decided to try and bring that same level of excitement to politics. With the 2012 election coming to a close, and Election Day just a few months away, I wanted to do something that we would really excite voters and get them fired up about voting.

Additionally, I had been fortunate enough to be invited to the 2012 Democratic National Convention. I knew it was a prime opportunity to act. So while in my hotel room, the day before the convention was to start. I decided to recreate the same magic I worked on at Mott. With the help of Roman Matuguinas, an exceptionally talented 3D modeler, I created an Obama version of the app over night.

I should note that I was able to build it so fast because 3D models of Obama were available, however, I went back to create a photorealistic model from scratch and designed a pipeline process to go from a single still image to fully textured body in a few hours.

The results and videos from both projects are shown below:

augmented augmented4 president
augmented augmented5 president
shoot shoot
shoot shoot